Energy Monitoring Reports

What kind of analytics can be performed on the Energy Consumption - Analytics Report?


Limits for energy consumption can be set in Report Settings. Limits show up as black dots on the floor/zone/group/device-based analysis graphs. They enable a user to analyze consumption patterns and raise flags if abnormal consumption is observed.


Energy consumption data can be compared time-wise and floor/zone/group/device-wise.

Time-based comparisons allow a user to compare consumption patterns on 2 different days/weeks/months for a particular building/floor/zone/group/device.

Floor/zone/group/device-wise comparisons allow a user to compare consumption patterns during the selected time interval between  

  • the selected floor and another floor
  • the respective zone and another zone
  • the selected group and another group
  • the selected device and another device

Energy Heatmap

Energy Consumption heatmap allows a user to view a visualization of the consumption of a floor/zone. There is also a playback option to visualize the consumption patterns throughout the selected day/week/month. To view the heatmap for a floor/zone, the PNG floor map of the floor needs to be uploaded beforehand in the Building Management section.

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