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What are the Reports displayed in Web application?

Lumos Controls provides Web reports that are designed to help buildings continuously improve. By leveraging the IoT platform on which the solution is built, Lumos Controls can collect information from its devices like Controllers, Drivers and Sensors and use it to generate meaningful reports and analytics. Reports can be seen for occupancy, device usage and energy consumption.

Lumos Controls provides 2 kinds of reports:

  • Trend reports showcase data as it is. Data can be seen at building, floor, zone, group or device level
  • Analytics reports build on trend report data to generate meaningful insights. Examples include comparisons between areas, occupancy heatmaps

These two kinds of reports are available for Occupancy, Usage and Energy consumption data. Reports and analytics can be viewed for the entire building, a single floor, a single zone, a single group right down to a single device, for a day, a week or a month 

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