Lumos Controls and Human Centric Lighting

Introduction to Human Centric Lighting

The Right Light at the Light Time has a significant role to play in everyone’s lives. This has widespread applications ranging from increasing productivity in offices to improving wellness in old-age homes! Advanced Lighting Controls not only help automate human-centric lighting but allow you to do so with the flexibility to design it for every kind of space and requirement.

What do you need?

It does not take a lot to get started on the way to Human Centric Lighting using LUMOS Controls. All you need are-

  • LUMOS Controls-Enabled Smart Controllers
  • Color-Tunable fixtures
  • A Gateway
  • The LUMOS Controls mobile app

How do you make it happen with LUMOS Controls?

LUMOS Controls achieves human-centric lighting by making use of scenes, animations, and schedules. Lighting Designers spend an enormous amount of time deciding the exact amount and type of light required for every kind of space. And LUMOS lets you realize those designs with minimum effort. Human-centric lighting is all about setting the most optimum intensities and color temperatures of light according to the time of the day. The intensity and color temperature setting can vary according to different factors like

  • The type of space
  • The objective that the building manager is trying to achieve
  • Seasonality

Whatever these factors are, you can use LUMOS Controls by following the below steps

  1. For each area, create different scenes with required light intensities and color temperatures
    • For instance, you may want to create a scene with 100% intensity and 6500 K CCT for early morning in an office. An additional scene can be created to be used during noon time, which has a lower intensity and a warmer CCT.
    • The exact intensity and CCT will depend on the type of space and the lighting design specifications.
  2. Once the scenes are set up, you can schedule them to be invoked automatically at regular intervals.
    • For instance, Scene 1 can come up at 9:00 AM, Scene 2 at 11: AM, and so on….
  3. An alternative to step 2 is to arrange scenes in an animation with appropriate ‘Run times’ and then schedule just the animation to be played every day.
  4. LUMOS Controls lets you create up to 32 scenes in a Zone to offer you the flexibility to achieve the settings whichever way you prefer.

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