Lumos Controls 4.0.11

The improvement made in Lumos Controls 4.0.11 version release:

  • Fixed crash issues
  • Improvements made in UI
  • Language translation corrections
  • Group Automation: Fixed issue of missing validation messages when Motion Sensor activation period time slots are less than 15 min
  • Group automation: Fixed issue in Retry button not working on few instances
  • Group: Fixed issue of not displaying failure message for a Group that contains multiple light devices and some of the devices are disconnected
  • Search: Fixed issue of Search result getting reset, after user does an operation in Search result
  • Search: Fixed issue of not displaying all devices after clearing the Search tab
  • Motion Sensor: Fixed issue of Manual override in Group motion sensor settings is not working
  • Scenes: Fixed issue of not listing Scenes under Scene animation
  • Scene: Fixed issue in Search sort order
  • Daylight settings: Improvements made in validation messages