Lumos Controls 3.0.35

The improvement made in Lumos Controls 3.0.35 version release:

  • Fixed crash issues
  • Fixed Performance issues
  • Group: Fixed issue in Retry icon not removed from Group list page, even after the app display success message
  • Group: Fixed issue in Sensor Activation Period page displayed as blank
  • Group / Device tabs: Fixed issues in prompt message displayed to save the changes, even without making any changes in the custom setting popup page
  • Group: Fixed issue in sync symbol shown in Group level, even after displaying success message
  • Commissioning: Fixed issue when commissioning Enocean switch as Single rocker, index is not getting added along with the device name
  • Commissioning: Fixed issue in Commission settings is reset back to the default settings, when logout from the app
  • Commissioning: Fixed sync issue for Enocean switch in Custom mode
  • Commissioning: Fixed issue in 'Select all' feature in the Commissioning page
  • Commissioning: Fixed issue in App not updating CCT values when user does addressing after pairing
  • Fixed issues in the intensity operation of Ldrive32/42W drivers when configured mode of dim curve is logarithmic