General and Platform related articles

How to use the Lumos controls mobile app?

  1. An admin user can create an account in the Lumos controls mobile app
  2. By default, when a new account is created, the admin will be accessing a default zone that is created inside a default floor, in a default building
  3. Admin can create more buildings, floors, or zones from 'Building Management'
  4. Devices can be commissioned to the system individually or in bulk
  5. The devices may be controlled individually or added to groups for ease of control
  6. If you have sensors commissioned to the system, the control of groups and light devices can be automated
  7. The devices or groups can be added to 'Scenes' to preconfigure the settings, and these scenes can be effortlessly invoked anytime you want
  8. The activation of the scenes can be scheduled via Scene Schedules or Animations
  9. If you have switches commissioned to the system, the control of Devices, Groups, Scenes or Animations can be managed by the switches