Motion Based Automation

How to configure 3rd party wired motion sensors with Radiar ARD4 and Radiar ARD32 using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

  1. Ensure that the motion sensor is connected correctly to the sensor interface of the desired DALI Controller (Radiar ARD4 or Radiar ARD32)
  2. Go to the Device Settings of the respective DALI Controller
  3. Choose the 'Motion sensor settings' option and enable the 'Motion detection' option
  4. Go to the 'Groups' tab and choose the group which the sensor is to be associated with (Sensor can be associated only with groups that its connected DALI controller is a part of)
  5. Add the sensor by clicking the Sensor icon next to the controller
  6.  Configure Group Automation Settings with the desired response on detecting motion. Please refer to this link for details to set Group Automation Settings

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