Daylight Harvesting

How to configure AC powered daylight sensors connected to the input channels of Radiar AR10, Radiar AF10 or Ldrive 36W, Ldrive 60W drivers for daylight harvesting using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

  1. Go to the 'Devices' tab
  2. Click on the icon of the device
  3. Select 'Additional Settings' and choose 'Input Sensor Settings'
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  4. Choose the channel (Channel 1 or Channel 2) to which the daylight sensor is connected and select the 'Daylight Sensor' option from the drop down menu
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  5. Choose a voltage value beyond which when the input comes, the device should consider it as a  daylight sensor trigger 
  6. The default value will be 5V and can be customized between 1V-10V
  7. Choose the option 'Range' and define a range of voltage values 

Note: The configuration of Daylight harvesting mode will be available for Radiar AR10, Radiar AF10, Ldrive 36W and Ldrive 60W drivers only, if the option Range is chosen.

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