Daylight Harvesting

How to configure 'Open Loop' as the daylight harvesting mode using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

  1. Go to the 'Devices' tab
  2.  Click on the icon of the sensor
  3. Choose the option 'Daylight sensor settings'
  4. Scroll down to 'Daylight harvesting mode'
  5. Open Loop will be enabled by default
  6. With the default configuration of open loop, the light devices associated to this sensor will be:
    1. Turned OFF when this sensor detects daylight level greater than or equal to 512 lux
    2. Turned On (with 100% intensity) when this sensor detect daylight level less than or equal to 19 lux
    3. The intensity of the device will be linearly varied when sensor detects daylight level between this range 19-512 lux 
      For example: When daylight level closer to 500 lux is detected by the sensor, the intensity of the devices will be reduced but not turned OFF. And when daylight level closer to 25 lux is detected by the sensor, the intensity of the lights will be increased but not to 100%
    4. This is depicted using the 'Light response curve'
  7. To customize the values of open loop, click on Add icon icon near the 'Light response curve'
  8.  This will lead to a page which displays the default values (19 lux and 512 lux) of open loop
  9. The default min, max lux values and the light intensity to be maintained at these values can be edited
  10. To add more lux values and intensities to maintained at these lux values, click on the '+' button and enter them
    1. Click on the 'Read' button to make an entry with the current lux value detected by the sensor and the intensity maintained by the light device
  11. The light intensities will be then again linearly varied between two consecutive lux values
  12. Click on the 'Ok' button after entering the values
  13. Click on the Delete icon icon to delete any of the entries
  14. The open loop values can also be customized automatically using the option Auto Calibration rather than manually entering multiple values

Note: The values are configured in terms of Lux for the sensors Radiar SD10, Cyrus C, Cyrus AP, Cyrus AM and Cyrus F and in terms of 'V' for the AC powered sensors connected to the input channel of Radiar AR10, Radiar AF10, Ldrive 36W, or Ldrive 60W.

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