How to use the Device replacement feature in the Lumos Controls mobile app?

  1. Commission the new device to the app and check the firmware version. Update the firmware to an equal or greater version than that of the faulty device 
  2.  After firmware update, delete the new device
  3.  Change the faulty hardware device with the new one
  4.  Go to 'Devices' page in the Lumos Controls mobile app and click on Settings icon displayed against the faulty device
  5.  Click on the option ‘Replace Device’ 
    Final Image01
  6.  Power the new device and click on ‘Tap here’ in the app screen. The new device will be listed. Click on the ‘Locate’ button to identify the correct device and then click the ‘+’ icon to initiate replacement
    Final Image02
  7. The replacement process will be initiated. Wait for the completion message
    Final Image03