Motion Based Automation

How to configure 3rd party wired motion sensors with Radiar AF10 / Radiar AR10 using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

The Radiar AF10 has a 0-3V input channel that can be used to receive triggers from 3rd party sensors. Below are the steps to be followed to enable this-

  1. After the sensor has been wired correctly to the Radiar AF10 / Radiar AR10, open the Lumos Controls mobile app and go to the settings of the respective controller
  2. Go to the 'Additional Settings' option and choose 'Input Sensor Settings'
  3. Choose 'Motion Sensor' from the dropdown and enter the voltage value above which the controller should identify incoming signals as triggers. (By default this value is 1V. Any value between 1-3V can be chosen here)
  4. After this step, the motion sensor attached to this controller will be able to trigger either groups or individual controllers in the zone
  5. For Group automation, add the controller to the desired group. While adding, click '+' next to the motion sensor option of the controller 
  6. Group Automation Settings will now be enabled and can be configured using the steps here
  7. Individual Sensor Association can be enabled for any controller in the zone by following the steps here. The name of the sensor will be the same as that of the controller that it is wired to 

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