Commission & Configure- Gateway

How to commission Gateways (Ethernet mode) using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

The steps to commission Gateways in Ethernet mode using the Lumos Controls mobile app:

  • Power the device ON and it will be in pairing mode, ready to be commissioned
  • Choose the zone from the top right corner in the app into which you want to commission the device
  • Go to the 'Devices' tab in the app. Click on the '+' button and choose the option 'Add Device'
  • Click on 'Tap here' and the device will be listed
  • Press '+' button corresponding to the device. Enter the security code. The default security code will be ‘0000’  
  • In the Configuration page, select the Ethernet option (by default, the Wi-Fi option will be selected). The option ‘Gateway as Listener’ can remain unselected 
  • Click on the Save button to commission the device and enter the display name of the device. When the Gateway is successfully connected to the Internet, the Orange LED next to the LAN cable port will be ON