How to add Controllers, Drivers, Dimmers, or Switches to a Group using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

0-10V Controllers: Radiar AR10,Radiar AF10, Radiar D10 DALI Controllers: Radiar ARD4, Radiar ARD32, Radiar AFD1 Driver: Ldrive 32W, Ldrive 42W, Ldrive 36W, Ldrive 60W Dimmer: Omni-TED Switches: Catron V, Catron IV, Catron AI

  1. Go to the 'Groups' tab
  2. Click on the icon of the group to which the devices are to be added
  3. All the devices commissioned to the active zone will be listed
  4. Click on the '+' button corresponding to the devices to be added to the group
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  5. The devices added to the group will be listed at the top
  6. For adding DALI drivers to the group, click '' corresponding to the DALI controller
    1. A list of all the drivers connected to the DALI controller will be displayed
    2. Click on the '+' button corresponding to the drivers to be added to the group
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  7. For adding 'Radiar AR10' or  'Ldrive' to the group, click the '' corresponding to the device and choose either the control element, motion sensor element or daylight sensor element of the device to be added according to the requirement

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