Daylight Harvesting

How to configure Closed Loop daylight harvesting with 'Maintain Current Light Level' method using the Lumos Controls mobile app?

  1. Go to the 'Devices' tab
  2.  Click on the  icon of the sensor
  3. Choose the 'Daylight sensor settings' option
  4. Go to 'Daylight harvesting mode' and click on the 'Closed Loop' tab
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  5. Click on the 'Configure Closed Loop' button
  6. The option 'Maintain Current Light Level'' will be selected by default
  7. Ensure that the light devices or group to be controlled by the daylight sensor are associated with it 
  8. Click on the 'Read' button to read the current light level detected by the sensor
  9. The light falling on the sensor will be different from the light falling on the workstation
  10. Let's note down the light that is falling on the workstation now
    1. To do this, place a lux meter at the workstation 
    2. Note down the lux meter reading and enter it in the app
    3. This value is noted only for future purposes to identify the light at the workstation when the sensor reads a particular value

  11. Click on the 'Set' button, and the value to be maintained by the sensor will be configured

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