Daylight Harvesting

What is to be done to make the light devices perform an operation when a daylight sensor detects an ambient light level less than a configured light level?

  1. Create a scene by adding those groups or light devices that should respond to the sensor trigger. Learn more
  2. Configure the scene with the required operation. Learn more
  3. Go to 'Devices' tab
  4. Click on  icon of the daylight sensor that should send trigger
  5. Select the option 'Daylight sensor settings'
  6. From 'Daylight harvesting mode', click on the 'Custom' tab
  7. Click on the 'Configure' button corresponding to the option 'When ambient light level is less than'
  8. Configure the light level below which if the daylight sensor detects light, the light devices shall be activated with scene configured in step 2 
  9. The light level can be configured using any of the three methods
    1. Maintain Current Light Level
    2. Identify Desired Light Level
    3. Enter Sensor Value
  10. Then choose the Scene configured in step 2 and click on the 'Save' button

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