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About the LUMOS Controls Ecosystem

Lumos controls is built on an IoT platform, Arixa, that integrates control and sensing capabilities to provide highly scalable, enterprise-grade solutions.  

The smart lighting solution, LUMOS Controls, comprises controllers, drivers, sensors, switches, and gateways that form a resilient non-flooding Bluetooth low energy mesh. These devices communicate amongst themselves over our own proprietary BLE Mesh protocol. They are powered by an intelligent cloud/on-premise server with an analytics engine that enables LUMOS Controls to offer extensive user, building, device, and data management capabilities. Along with the support of user-friendly and feature-rich mobile and web interfaces, LUMOS Controls provides the user with enriched visualization, actionable lighting insights, and adaptive automation. Should you require a centralized control panel or touch screen, the mobile application can be seamlessly run off a tablet that runs iOS/Android OS.


The mobile app and gateway communicate with the devices in the mesh wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy. The gateway communicates with the cloud using the building's internet connection over WiFi/Ethernet. 

The controllers communicate either via 0-10V wired connections when used with 0-10V drivers or the DALI bus when used with DALI drivers 

Additionally, Lumos Controls BLE mesh can seamlessly communicate to Bluetooth Low Energy self-powered Enocean sensors and switches - No additional programming is required to enable this.

The ecosystem has the capability to update all components to incorporate latest features. The  mesh devices support over-the-air (OTA) update and the Cloud / On-Premise Server can be updated securely over the internet.